Learn How To Build Your Own Shed

This article is written specifically to teach you how to build your own shed. A shed is a simple solution for many storage needs like garden tools, clutter you don’t want in the house or simply for other tools and equipment you’d normally place in a workshop. Purchasing a ready-made shed can be very expensive (thousands of dollars) but if you put it together yourself you can do it for as little as a few hundred dollars.

Contrary to what you may think, learning to build your own shed is something that anyone can do. It’s easier than you imagine it to be and you don’t need to be a skilled carpenter to do it either. There are various steps involved in building your own shed. Depending on the purpose, some of these steps will differ but the principle of building a shed remains the same.

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A Few Simple Steps To Do

how to build your own shed

The hardest part to build shed  by yourself is the actual design of it and the materials you need to use, and if you’re like me (or most people), then you’ll have no experience in building a shed. This is a big obstacle but don’t worry, I have a solution.

I’m a big supporter of not re-inventing the wheel. If I don’t know how to do something, then I will do research to find someone who has a proven and successful method of doing that, and I follow that method to the T.

If you want to learn for building shed by yourself, don’t bother trying to sketch it out or design it yourself. You’re likely going to waste hours of your time and hundreds of dollars on materials and it is going to come out looking like a pile of planks, if even.

Like I mentioned, don’t try to re-invent the wheel. The design and blueprint of how to build a shed is an essential step, and so are the materials that you need to use. So… the solution is to find a resource that will give you access to the designs and blueprints, with step-by-step instructions on how to build them.

Once you have the blueprint and instructions how to build a shed that you want to have, the rest off the process becomes so simple that even a child in elementary school could build it. Nope, I’m not saying that you’re a child, I’m just trying to explain that even if you have no skills and two left hands, you’re able to build a professional looking shed if you have a blueprint and step-by-step instructions of how to put it together.

Factors To Consider

Before you learn for building a shed by yourself, there are a few factors that you need to consider.

1-) Trees and utility lines.

You don’t want to build shed in a place where trees can fall on it and neither do you want to build shed over or under utility lines (electricity, telephone, gas etc.) because if these need to get repaired your shed will be in the way and has to be moved or taken down.

2-) Building Permits

Find out if your local authorities require you to have a permit for your storage shed. You could face some hefty fines and unnecessary difficulties if you just put up a shed and later find out that it’s not permitted.

3-) Water and Flooding

The location of your shed needs to be free from standing water or it’ll start rotting in no time at all. Be aware of what happens in winter. Does the area where you place your shed flood frequently? And does rainwater drain nicely or does it form huge puddles exactly where your shed is going to be?

Please consider these factors carefully because it’s an essential part to build a shed.

Different Stages Of Building a Shed

Stages Of Building a Shed

After you have decided on the size and design of your shed and you have the blueprint and detailed instructions for building storage shed, you’re going to go through a few stages of putting it together.

The first step of building a shed is the frame. You’ll start with the floor, then the walls and finally the roof. You can choose to have a concrete floor or a wood board floor in your shed but both cost about the same in materials and wood board is much easier to work with. The frame includes adding any windows and doors that you want in the shed.

The second step to build a shed is the roofing. This means you’ll be adding the roofing paper and shingles and doing the waterproofing. This is very important to do correctly because if your roof leaks it will destroy your shed and damage the contents in it.

Step three of creating a shed is the exterior finishes. This includes any paint, sealing and further waterproofing of the shed.

Where To Find Ready-Made Shed Plans?

Now that you understand the steps involved in how to build a shed, you’re aware that your life is going to be much easier if you have ready-made shed plans, blueprints and step-by-step instructions which materials to use and how to put them together.

Download shed plans

I highly recommend My Shed Plans, where you get access to 12,000 plans, designs and blueprints for shed of all shapes, sizes and purposes.

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